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Extra 330LX


$430/hr (Solo Renters Club Rate)

(6’3 250lbs)

The Extra 330LX is a 2 seat Aerobatic Monowing Competitor. With 315HP, 1900lbs & a roll rate of 420 deg/sec & ratings at +/- 10G it will get your attention fast.

Contact us today for more information on solo renting the Extra 330LX.

Gambit EA330LX Checkout Program

Pitts S2B


(6’3 225lbs)

The Pitts S2B is about as American as Apple Pie. Curtis Pitts began the design of his Aerobatic Biplane family back in the 1940’s.  The S2B is a culmination of many years of design & refinement.  It has 270HP, 1700lbs & a roll rate of 270 deg/sec.

North American T-6 Texan/SNJ-5C

$800/hr with 5 hour block
$785/hr with 10 hour block
With a 600 horsepower radial engine and nearly 6,000lb gross weight, commonly called the “Pilot Maker”, the T-6 was designed to be challenging to fly in order to prep airmen for frontline fighters like the P-51 Mustang. Our particular aircraft was used onboard the U.S.S. Coral Sea for Carrier Qualification for Naval Aviators in 1943 – Come and fly a living piece of history!
It is available for transition training, insurance checkouts, and flight experiences!

PBY Catalina


  • Ride rates
    • 30 minutes $300
    • 15 minutes $150
  • SIC Type Rating
    • $9,800

The Consolidated PBY Catalina was one of the most widely used seaplanes of World War II. From Anti-Submarine Warfare, Maritime Patrol, Search And Rescue, and Water bombing, the PBY was an instrumental machine in world history. With a pair of Wright 1830 1,200HP engines, 103ft wingspan, and its ability to carry enough fuel to see two sunrises within a single flight – it’s an experience you cannot miss.

Pitts Model 12


(6’3 250lbs)

The Pitts Model 12 is a BEAST. It’s Supercharged 9 cylinder radial engine puts out more than 450HP.  Very few aircraft can compare with the experience of flying a Model 12.

Coming Spring 2023

Cessna 140

This mighty little Cessna is one of the most iconic staples in taildragger history. If you’re looking for a new tailwheel endorsement, or to further hone your skillset, there is no better airplane! Originally powered by a Continental 85 horsepower engine, it now packs in a Lycoming O-290 with 140 horsepower and climbs at 2,000 feet/min – we call it the “Super” 140!

Instruction rates for all aircraft $100/Hr*