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Aircraft Services

Aerobatic Instruction
Whether you’re looking to perform your first loop or fine tune your Advanced Sequence, our instructors and aircraft can help. We specialize in expanding the corners of your envelope safely.
Spin & Upset Recovery Training
We custom tailor both Spin & Upset Recovery Courses depending on your experience level.
Solo Extra 330LX Rental
Gambit is currently the only flight school in the nation where you can SOLO rent an Extra 330LX! Contact us for more info.

Gambit EA330LX Checkout Program
Flight Experience
Come for a ride of your life with one of our Certified Flight Instructors. From Mild to Wild, we’ll show you what our aircraft are capable of. You’ll be hands on flying the maneuvers with us. Experience Over 6G’s and loop/roll/spin to your hearts content.
Transition Training
Our instructors have experience in all Extra Models, Pitts S1/2 & Model 12, SU-29, L29, T6 Texan, Gamebird GB1, Vans RV’s, Yak-52, Stearman, Christen Eagle, and many more.
Gift Certificates Available
Give the gift of flight!

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A Full List of

Our Services

  • Tailwheel Transition
  • Basic, Intermediate, and Unlimited Aerobatics
  • Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)
  • Loss of Control Training (LOC-i) 
  • Spin Training
  • Advanced Spin Series Training
  • Introduction to Formation Flying
  • Introduction to competition aerobatics
  • US/Eastern Bloc Radial Engine Familiarization
  • Extra 300/330 Insurance Completion Program
  • Extra 330LX Solo Rental Program
  • High Performance Taildragger Transition
  • Experimental Aircraft Type Transition
  • AEROvodochody AV-L29 Transition
  • Pitts Model 12 Transition
  • Warbird Transition
  • Warbird and Aerobatic Aircraft Ride Programs
  • Letter of Authorization (LOA), and Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) Development